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The mold & die journal is a technical journal dedicated to the state of the art industrial moulding and tools design.The first regular issue was published around middle of February 2013 and consisted of 68 pages. The mold & die journal appears altogether 6-times in a year, with a circulation of 3,500 copies. Primarily, professionals in the following countries are adressed: Europe (except Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), China, USA, Korea, Taiwan, India, etc. The subscriptions and advertisement rates correspond to the prices of the German edition of the magazine. Interested parties find the subscription order card and the advertisement order form as supplements to this issue. Last and but not least, we invite you to let us have your frank comments and feedback about contents and quality of topics covered here and of course specific topics which you would like to see included in this journal in future. 

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Tradition meets innovation – mould change system with 3D-printed inserts

It is almost 15 years ago that standard mould component manufacturer HASCO filed a patent application for a completely new mould change system. The ever-increasing popularity of this system amongst customers is due not least to its dependable quality.­ Since the tolerance limits are precisely adhered to, the parts are completely interchangeable without any problems, even 15 years later. In addition, with the many possibilities that the system opens up, it contributes to making work processes considerably simpler and more flexible. With the continually growing cost and time pressure in mould building comes the necessity to find alternative and short-term production options. This is where HASCO's­ K3500/... comes into play.

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